Aircraft Storage & Disassembly

Excellence in Aircraft Storage & Disassembly comes from a Trusted Partner

With 5 fully-equipped storage hangars and ramp space capable of accommodating more than 300 aircraft, ART provides competitive and customizable options for active and long-term aircraft storage. ART has disassembled more than 250 regional, narrow-body and wide-body aircraft for airlines, leasing companies, and part distributors. We offer fully customizable end-of-life management programs that follow FAA/EASA guidelines, quality and environmental regulations, and each customer’s operational specifications. Contact us and learn why aircraft operators around the world trust ART to support their Aircraft Storage and Disassembly programs.
ART provides aircraft maintenance services for the
most popular aircraft flying today, including:
  • Boeing 737
  • Airbus A320
ART Aircraft Storage at a glance:
  • Ramp storage space for 300 + aircraft
  • Able to receive and accommodate all aircraft types with an all-weather, 11,600-foot ILS-equipped runway and fuel farm
  • Active or long-term storage per AMM and customer specifications
  • Wrapping and preservation of the airplane, engines and APU
  • Scheduled maintenance requirements
  • Aircraft prepared for return to service
ART Aircraft Disassembly at a glance:
  • In-hangar or on-ramp disassembly
  • FAA and EASA-approved repair station for component identification and tagging
  • Real-time updates to customer IT systems
  • Trained logistics staff for packaging to ATA specifications
  • ART is located one-hour from Memphis, Tennessee, a major U.S. shipping hub, for same-day shipping of components anywhere in the world
  • Short and long-term parts storage available
  • Airframe disposal services available